See our extensive line of Tips, GPS, Speed Sensors, Wet Boom, Dry Boom, Caps, Shut off Valves, Manifolds and sprayer parts that will make all of your spraying the most high tech and top of the line that is available today. Call today for prices and availability for any and all Teejet Parts and tips. (302) 846-3495

Tips and Caps

We offer a full line of Tips and matching Quick Caps. We offer from Flat Fan, Drift Guard, XR, AI, Turbo Teejet, Floodjets, Conejets, and much, much more. We also offer all size tip strainers and check valves as well.

Boom Control Valves and Controllers

We carry a large selection of Boom Control Valves, Manifolds, and Regulating Valves, as well as Controllers.

Boom Parts

We carry a wide selection of Boom parts for both Dry and Wet Booms. We carry for the Quick attach and the "Old Style" Boom needs. We carry a large selection of all sizes of boom clamps and Drop Nozzles as well.

Strainers and Screens

We carry a large line of Strainers in all sizes from 1/2" to 2" and the screens in all mesh sizes for the strainers.

Centerline 220 and Speed Sensors

We carry the Centerline 220 and other GPS systems from Teejet as well as the GPS speed sensors that are now avaialbe to make your spraying easier and more accurate than ever before. Call for information on the Centerline and technical information today to help you in your farming operation.

Wands and Gunjets

We carry a large selection of Spray Wands and Gunjets for your lawn and Chicken house spraying needs, as well as spots sprayers 25 gallon to 35 gallons.