GPS Unit

Raven’s Cruizer is a simple guidance system designed to increase efficiency with applications ranging from tillage to harvest. Raven’s Cruizer can be joined with SmarTrax and QuickTrax systems for assisted steering. Cruizer is easily transportable from machine to machine, and allows operators easy viewing of saved and exported maps.







We offer In House technical support with your Cruizer. If you have any questions with set up or have problems in the field you can give us a call and someone will talk you through it or come to you. We are current on all updates that are out there and can offer you the best in all the Cruizer technology and supplies all in stock!!!

Cruizer Kit with Helix Antenna

Cruizer Boom Control Cable

Ball Mounts for the Cruizer

Cruizer Speed Cable

Cruizer Power Cable

Switch Control for Cruizer

We also offer Envizio Plus and Pro. The Envizio Pro is an enhanced version of the Plus and has all the same capabilities but with a 6.4 inch color screen and integrated DGPS receiver. It is capable of full mapping and logging and AccuBoom, AutoBoom and SmarTrax steering capatabilities. Call us to see about availability and pricing on either the Plus or the Pro today!!