Wiese Tillage


We carry a full line of Wiese tillage tools to help with all your tillage needs. Whether you are looking for disc blades, Cultivator teeth, landsides, seed openers or just the bolts to go with your teeth and shanks we can help you.

Vibrashank Teeth

We range from VS-1 up to VS-9 and have the bolts to go with them.

Plow Points and Cultivator Teeth

We have a large variety of sizes and bolts to fit the brand cultivator or Plow that you may have. Call today to see what is avaialble.

Chisel Teeth

We also carry several styles of chisel teeth, from the 3" Heavy Twist to the Big Brute to just the straight chisel teeth and also the special style bolts for them as well.

Disc Blades and Coulter Blades

We carry many different sizes in disc blades and also in the fluted and bubble style coulter blades. We can also match your hole patterns as well.

If we do not have what you need we can order it and have it any a timely fashion. Come in or call us today.