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Application Controls

Raven consoles give you complete control over your product application. Whether you're looking to apply granular or liquid product in the field. or even for an anti-ice system. Raven has the console you need!

We offer a full line of flow meters and servo valves as well and the cabling that is necessary to make your application as accurate and efficient as necessary.  We also have the capability to check and send away your Raven product for calibration or repair if it is necessary.  Call today and find out what is available in application controls!!

 4916  440 Control Kit for DJ Radar
 4346  10ft. 440 Console Cable
 4674  8 ft. Controller Extension Cable
 4930  6 ft. Flow Control Cable for 440 Console
 4113  1" Servo Valve
 4122  1" Nylon Flowmeter
 12ft  Flowmeter Cable