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We carry a full line of Banjo Quick Couplers, Fittings, Pumps and Pump parts, Strainers and Screens, Ball Valves, Union Valves, Eletric Boom Valves and Flange Manifold Fittings.  We carry from 1/4" to 3" Fittings.  Call or come in to see if we have the part that you need today!!!



 2" Gas Briggs and Stratton Intek Overhead Engine 6HP Pump

2" Gas Briggs and Stratton Engine 3HP Pump
We carry from 1/2" to 3" Quick couplers.  In Hose Barbs we go from 1/4" to 3" in both straight and elbow barbs.  We carry up to 3" in St. Ells, Tees, Nipples, Reducing Nipples, Bushings, Plugs, Menders and more.  We also carry a full line of Flanged fittings for manifolds and also the O'rings and Clamps.  We also carry all size O'rings for your Quick Couplers as well.
We carry a full line of Ball Valves ranging from 1/2" to 3" in 4-Bolt, 6-Bolt, or Union Valves.  We also carry the easy to handle Nozzle Valves as well and swivels to make handling with a hose much easier and efficient.  We also carry replacement handles and O'rings as well. 
We also carry Banjo Electric Ball Valves that are 12-Volt DC operated and have teflon seals.
We carry a full line of 2" and 1 1/2" Y Strainers in stock along with 12 mesh up to 80 mesh screens to fit them.  We also carry replacement parts for them and O'rings.  If you need a different size that we do not have in stock we can quickly and easily get it for you.  We also carry 1" up to 1 1/2 " T Strainers and 16 Mesh up to 100 Mesh screens for them.  We also carry replacement parts and O'rings for these as well.  We also carry the O'rings for all screens!!!
 Tank Fittings
We carry Banjo tank fittings for your tank fitting needs.